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Together we are building the future of heart disease diagnosis

Artryan Value

Artrya is an Australian health-tech company, founded in 2019. We see heart disease in a new way, using data-driven solutions to assist cardiovascular diagnosis.

We collaborate with radiologists, cardiologists, and healthcare professionals to provide personalised cardiovascular-health risk assessments within minutes. Our innovative diagnostic support solution accurately assesses and detects vulnerable, high-risk plaque, in real time, without the need for invasive interventions.

Our AI-driven, non-invasive heart-disease solution will allow improved access to informed decision-making for cardiologists and patients.

See different. Do different.

Image of Artrya's founders

Artryan Culture

We hire the best people; people who are committed to what we seek to achieve, who act with integrity, are innovative, put excellence into everything they do, have a relentless customer focus, and respect and collaborate with others.

We focus on forming teams built on a foundation of diverse thinking. Our time spent together as an eclectic team from varying backgrounds, with different perspectives and unique experiences inspires us to do better, deliver more and be exactly where our customers need us to be.

Hire capable people, let them shine.

Hear from Artryans driving our mission today

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Manager

Artrya is a very dynamic, vibrant company with the goal of making a real difference in healthcare.

I love coming each morning and being surrounded by smart and nice people who are constantly putting their best foot forward to deliver every awesomeness.

As an Artryan, I ensure that the products we are developing are safe and efficient for the patient's benefit. I'm making sure the company is compliant with all laws and regulations in the markets we are entering.

Medical Imaging Research Assistant

Artrya is a collaborative work environment, with brainstorming and problem solving happening constantly between all members of the team.

Often, a conversation will strike up involvement from all, everyone rolling their chairs closer to the action – sharing ideas and expertise to keep moving forward. It’s passionate problem solving, we know that our work directly feeds into our product which will be used to save lives.

We all know someone impacted by coronary artery disease, so working here is immensely rewarding as we get to make a real difference. Also, you can walk into the office at any time of the day and the space is filled with the wonderful aroma of coffee :)

Senior Data Scientist - Cardiovascular

Artrya is full of innovation. It is an AI-centric company, a perfect place for data scientists. As an Artryan and a data scientist, I develop algorithms that make the detection of heart diseases easier.

I believe that Artrya's products will be used by all medical practitioners worldwide.

Artryan Values


Artryans innovate

  • We create new ideas to benefit humanity
  • We create world-class solutions to hard problems
  • We challenge prevailing thought and develop new ideas
  • We are agile, keep things simple, and thrive on change


Artryans are curious

  • We want to learn, rapidly
  • We actively contribute
  • We make connections others miss
  • We seek to understand our customers' needs and help them better serve their patients


Artryans deliver quality

  • We hold ourselves to high standards in all we do
  • We inspire others with the quality of our work
  • We care intensely about our clients, their patients and delivering success
  • We are optimistic and confident


Artryans respect all

  • We respect others and are true to our word
  • We question actions that are inconsistent with our values
  • We are known for our candour, authenticity, transparency and humility
  • We admit our mistakes freely and openly


Artryans meet commitments

  • We focus on getting stuff done
  • We meet commitments, no matter how minor they seem
  • We believe our behaviour says far more than our words
  • We work to make our colleagues better

Current Roles

Test Engineer – Technical

As the Test Engineer you will prepare and execute test activities that will validate the quality of our product to uncover defects prior to customer release. You will engage with key stakeholders to understand the product requirement needs and will work collaboratively with the AI and product development teams to meet specific requirements.

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Software Engineer - Client Focus

In this role you will be the technical liaison between our clients and our Product Team. Your focus will be to support the client as we implement our product and troubleshoot to safeguard a smooth implementation process.

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Quality Affairs Officer

The Quality Affairs Officer will assist us in delivering our product to the world. Your focus will be to support the maintenance of Artrya's Quality Management System (QMS).

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Nothing that matches the value you can bring to Artrya?
Submit your CV and cover letter for future consideration to our Chief People and Culture Officer, Janice Macron at

Artrya's Equal Opportunity Statement

Diversity and Inclusion