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About Salix

Harness the power of AI for CAD diagnosis

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AI for heart disease diagnosis

Salix is a non-invasive diagnostic support solution to detect coronary artery disease. The cloud-based software draws on thousands of computed tomography coronary angiography (CCTA) scans to automatically detect , stenosis and other biomarkers in a patient’s cardiovascular system, all within minutes.

This is a critical advance to evaluate cardiovascular disease and guide diagnostic options for clinicians.

Seeing heart disease in a new way

Heart disease is the world’s number one cause of death and leads to about one in three deaths annually, according to the World Health Organization. Coronary artery disease (or ischemic heart disease) is the most common type of heart disease affecting around 126 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of heart attack. Sadly, 9 million individuals will die from coronary artery disease each year. Yet there have been few diagnostic advances since the 1970s - until now.

Salix unlocks the capability to triage patients into risk categories, identifying which patients require further clinical assessments.

Identifying the cause of heart attack

Historically, vulnerable plaque has been challenging to see and report. Salix is changing the paradigm for diagnosis. It offers a precision-medicine solution for heart disease monitoring. It prioritises the detection of vulnerable plaque in addition to calcium build-up, stenosis and plaque burden. This creates a comprehensive heart-health image for each patient.

With early detection of vulnerable plaque, clinicians are empowered to offer targeted therapy sooner, which could alter a patient's heart disease prognosis.

Changing how the world sees heart disease

Salix product features

Assessment within 15 mins

Personalised precision medicine in minutes

Our artificial intelligence solution detects stenosis, plaque composition, and additional meaningful biomarkers of coronary artery disease (CAD).

The Salix algorithm has been trained on thousands of existing scans. From a single patient scan, each artery is assessed independently and visualised in a precise 3D model.

The report is automatically completed in real-time, at the point of care in medical imaging practices. This reduces the reporting time from days and hours to within 15 minutes.

precision medicine

Patient 3D heart model

Comprehensive cardiovascular risk profiles

You are provided with a holistic report of your patients' coronary artery disease. This includes an unprecedented combination of key findings comprising vulnerable plaque, percentage of stenosis, and calcium score.

3D heart image

Patient prioritisation

High-risk patient identification at a glance

The traffic-light dashboard provides an immediate visual guide to high-risk results so clinicians can triage patients early and determine who requires more aggressive treatment to reduce the likelihood of a major adverse cardiac event.

alt text

Automated report

Automated and Augmented

Salix unlocks the capability to triage patients into risk categories, helping clinicians identify which patients require further clinical assessments.

Detailed assessments of the major arteries (LM, LCX, LAD and RCA) and sub-branches are provided, offering healthcare professionals instant access to critical information.

A structured report to international standards with key coronary findings is presented on a single screen for ease of use.

report view

Workflow integrated

Decision support

Patient scans can be sent directly to a second clinician for additional assessment, providing further certainty on complex cases.

Salix integrates with industry leading picture archiving and communication systems.

CT Volume overview

First principle analysis

Automated, in-depth data side by side

Advanced functionality delivers automated centre-line tracking, segmenting, annotating, detecting, and calculating disease with complementary raw data available for analysis too.

CT Volume image

"Salix provides a complete view of a patient’s cardiovascular risk as well as real time reporting. We were able to identify high risk patients accurately within minutes. This allows us to focus on the right patients at the right time with the right treatment." - Australian Cardiologist

Built on thousands of scans from partnering clinics.

Highly accurate, validated data.

Cut reporting times from hours to no more than 15 minutes with a single scan.

Fast, efficient and accurate.

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