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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Artrya is a medical technology company leading the world in cardiac image assessment

Our ground-breaking, non-invasive solution - Salix - uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and assess the superior predictor of heart attack, Vulnerable Plaque. Our comprehensive cardiac-health report provides efficient and accurate diagnostic support to radiologists and cardiologists. It enables clinicians to triage patients and identify individuals at high risk of heart attack at a glance.

Salix offers precision medicine for cardiac care. For us, this means a world where patients acknowledge and act on our early warning system and engage with healthcare treatment plans to potentially reduce their heart attack risk.

Artrya received early support from highly respected angel investors and the Australian Government’s premier Medical Research Future Fund, BioMedTech Horizons program. This will help our plan to achieve significant disruption to coronary artery disease detection and diagnosis. Over two years we received start-up funding of AUD$19 million to develop, test and commercialise our software. This is significant in a field that has not changed in about 50 years and highlights the market need for change.

Heart disease is the world’s biggest killer, responsible for one in three deaths globally. Coronary artery disease affects around 126 million individuals and results in nine million deaths each year. This costs the United States economy $219 billion annually. Artrya’s Salix will focus on the most advanced diagnostic procedures, the 26 million coronary computed tomography angiography scans conducted each year. This is where we are changing how the world sees heart disease. A 2021 private placement investment round was oversubscribed with quality investors, highlighting demand for future-focussed and evidence-based health-tech.

Artrya reveals the future of coronary artery disease detection.

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