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Dr Julien Flack

Chief Technology Officer

With nearly three decades of experience, Julien brings a broad range of software engineering skills and technical leadership to his role as Artrya’s Chief Technology Officer. A strong communicator with a robust research background and author of several international papers and patents, Julien is focused on delivering world class commercial software solutions for Artrya.

Previously, Julien founded the consultancy Asmovian which developed video analysis and machine learning solutions for clients including BHP and SplitMedaLabs. Prior to this, in his role as Chief Technology Officer at Dynamic Digital Depth (DDD), he was responsible for developing and delivering patent technology solutions to Samsung, LG, Sony, Intel and MSI.

In 2013 the DDD Group was awarded the AIM best technology award and in 2014 Julien was one of four finalists in the Mitsubishi WA Innovator of the Year awards. Julien holds a Bsc. (Hons) from Leeds University and PhD from Curtin University, both in computer science.