Artrya Salix for Payers

Value-based cardiac care supported by data science


In a waiting room full of patients presenting chest pain symptoms, healthcare providers are challenged to identify patients requiring urgent cardiac care and those who are better off with their primary care physician. Traditional models see too many patients indicated for multiple tests and admitted for expensive observation stays. There is a better way.

Employ AI to advance point-of-care cardiac testing

Artrya Salix assists physicians in the rapid and convenient analysis of cardiac CT scans to screen for patients at risk of heart attack within minutes, whether in the emergency room or cardiologist's office.

Within 15 minutes of the scan, patients with no concerning plaque buildup and, importantly, no underlying plaque features that pose a risk of heart attack, can return home, reserving diagnostic tests and hospital beds for patients who truly need them.


Use an evidence-based approach to spot disease risk factors that traditionally remain untreated


Use personalized patient data to determine appropriate testing, treatment and admittance


Filter out false positives to focus on patients who require critical preventative care

Learn more about how the enterprise-level adoption of Artrya Salix can optimize healthcare expenditure for chest pain assessment and help in-network physicians provide quality cardiac care outcomes.

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