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Shining a light on the underlying cause of heart attack

Coronary artery disease. We see you

Artrya Salix lets you see heart disease in a new way

Our artificial intelligence solution detects coronary artery disease (CAD) biomarkers quickly and accurately.

Together we can save lives and reduce the burden of coronary artery disease, which is responsible for 9 million deaths each year.

Australian regulatory-cleared, non-invasive, vulnerable plaque detection.

For reporting clinicians

We see heart disease in a new way.

Through the identification and localisation of different types of (also known as high-risk plaques) in the coronary arteries, we are changing the paradigm of heart disease diagnosis and treatment. Salix not only identifies the presence of any vulnerable plaques, it generates a comprehensive report with a full description of calcium score, severity and distribution of stenosis and, total plaque burden.

For referring clinicians

We are changing how CAD is diagnosed.

Through the identification of vulnerable plaque, stenosis and calcium, clinicians can better guide patient treatment options. Salix can identify specific areas of concern in the coronary arteries and generate a 3D model that allows clinicians to involve patients in their treatment plans.

For patients with CAD

We will save lives.

Through clinicians, we provide accurate, timely and actionable information on heart-health to patients. With this early health warning, clinicians can advise a treatment pathway that could reduce the likelihood of heart attack.


Cardiologist Feedback

The only thing that I would say [is] that it's fantastic. It is providing data which is currently not available in a single package. - Cardiologist, Australia


Radiologist Feedback

Factors such as plaque assessment and shorter turnaround time are the features I would definitely like to have. - Radiologist, Australia

Salix Triage Dashboard Snapshop for CAD patients

Changing how the world sees coronary artery disease

Artrya Salix is an AI-based CAD diagnostic support solution that analyses CCTA scans to identify key biomarkers of heart attack.

Salix enables rapid patient triage, comprehensive assessments and automated, timely reports so clinicians can better guide CAD treatment.