Rapid assessment of chest pain patients in emergency and primary care settings.

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Artrya partners with clinics receiving chest pain patients to deliver new models of cardiovascular care based on AI. Easily integrate plaque features of high prognostic value into the evaluation of coronary artery disease.

600,000 American lives lost. That’s how many people die of undiagnosed coronary disease every year.1

We see a world where communities do not have to be plagued by a high rate of heart attack.

AI-driven insights into the type and volume of arterial plaque detected through coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) facilitate the accurate stratification of chest pain patients within minutes.

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Rapid patient discharge

Quickly determine patients with minimal to zero coronary artery disease with the confidence there are no underlying plaque features that could cause future major adverse cardiac events.

Efficient patient intake

Catch the early warning signs of a potential heart attack. Effectively rule in at-risk patients with acute or atypical chest pain who warrant further investigation and therapy.

Change the narrative. Be sure, not “just to be sure.”

Transforming the requests for diagnostic testing and patient admittance from the approach of “just to be sure” to evidence-based assurance.

Use AI-supported CCTA analysis to make evidence-based decisions and change the standard of care.


Avoid billions of dollars of unnecessary costs

Over testing of patients admitted for chest pain costs the healthcare system 10 to 13 billions dollars annually.2


Move patients to low-cost care settings

Up to 90% of chest pain patients are admitted to the emergency department unnecessarily and should stay in primary care.3


Minimize the ER carousel of patient readmissions

1 in 13 patients discharged from emergency department admission for non-specific chest pain return to the hospital within 7 days.4

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