Dr Nicolas Chronos

Nicolas Chronos, MD, FACC, FESC, is director of Lake Country Medical Concierge. He is an internist and Interventional Cardiologist well-known for ground-breaking research in heart disease treatment. Dr. Chronos specializes in general cardiology, coronary artery disease management and heart failure management. He is also an expert in cardiac regenerative medicine, cardiovascular medical device assessment and translational cardiovascular medicine. Dr. Chronos partners with the University Cancer and Blood Center, headquartered in Athens, Georgia, to provide cardio-oncology treatment.

Previously, Dr. Chronos worked at the Atlanta Cardiology Group, where he developed and served as CEO of the Saint Joseph’s Translational Research Institute. Dr. Chronos has held academic appointments at Duke University and Stanford University as a Consulting Professor of Medicine and Cardiology working with researchers in preclinical and clinical trials.

Dr. Chronos received a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London in 1987. He completed specialized training in cardiology and subsequently interventional cardiology at the Royal Brompton National Heart and Lung Institute in the UK. In 1992, he was awarded a British Heart Foundation International Fellowship and moved to the US to continue his research in thrombosis and interventional cardiology at Emory University School of Medicine. He was named Director of Research at the Andreas Gruentzig Cardiovascular Center at Emory University Hospital in 1997.

Dr. Chronos is board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians (London) in internal medicine and cardiology (FRCP). He is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital’s Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center and is a scientific advisor for the International Society for Cardiovascular Translational Research. A Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology and the Royal College of Physicians of London, he has published several books, more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and authored a series of patents in the medical device field. As a speaker at major conferences and meetings, both nationally and internationally, Dr. Chronos is highly sought after to share his intellectual and practical contributions in the field of cardiovascular medicine and research.

Dr. Chronos treasures his concierge members and draws on his extensive expertise to give every patient world-class personalized medical care.