Non-Executive Director

Jacque Sokolov

Jacque J. Sokolov, MD, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the SSB, a diversified US based, healthcare management, development and investment company. Its 4 strategic businesses include SSB Solutions, SSB Investment Funds, SSB Financial Services and SSB Governmental Services.

As CEO, Dr Sokolov leads SSB’s 4 strategic business units to optimize healthcare solutions, investment strategies, financial structures, and governmental contracting. SSB was founded on a premise to develop high quality, value-based solutions in rapidly evolving markets. The company operates across the US and has worked with more than 100 healthcare companies in every healthcare sector.

Dr Sokolov and the SSB team have been vital to large healthcare corporations to reimagine their business models and improve and increase performance at critical inflection points in their history. Some of his projects include redesigning health plans, such as the Humana Inc. turnaround/adoption of consumer facing internet-based technology in 2000, and the transition of Hospira from an I.V. solution company to the largest independent biosimilar manufacturer in the world that Pfizer acquired for $17b in 2015. In addition, Dr. Sokolov remains active in the development of physician practice management companies, such as: the Summit Medical Group and CityMD transaction by Warburg Pincus in 2019. He is also active in advanced “digital health platform” companies such as GlobalMed and next generation “genomic based” companies such as Calviri (mRNA diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines) and Lucid Diagnostics (Methylated DNA diagnostics).

Most recently, Dr Sokolov become Chairman of the Board of Artrya USA Inc., Chairman of the Artrya Clinical Advisory Board and Chairman of the Artrya Limited Board of Directors Quality and Compliance Committee. Artrya Ltd/Artrya USA Inc is a next generation, AI-enabled CCTA company using advanced technology to optimize diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Upon starting his career, Dr Sokolov served as Vice President of Healthcare and Chief Medical Officer for Southern California Edison, where he restructured one of the largest self-funded, self-administered corporate ERISA plans in the US. The restructured SCE Health Plan cut spending by $100m and improved healthcare quality for SCE employees/retirees.

He currently serves on multiple domestic and international public, private and non-profit corporate healthcare boards.

Dr Sokolov received his BA and MD Degrees from the University of Southern California and completed his internal medicine residency at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. He then completed, his fellowship in cardiovascular diseases/advanced cardiac imaging from the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School.