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Artrya Ltd


John Konstantopoulos

With the skills gained providing strategic advice to boards and executives globally on the impact of digital disruption, John Konstantopoulos is instrumental in Artrya’s pursuit to help solve coronary artery disease.

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Chief Financial Officer

Mark Wainwright

An experienced online business builder and Chartered Accountant, Mark co-founded, led and grew two cutting-edge online businesses and has broad experience across all aspects of establishing and growing start-ups in the exciting, highly competitive and fast-moving tech sector.

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Chief Medical Officer

Dr Jacob Agris

Dr Agris is a senior healthcare executive, thought leader and accomplished physician with computer engineering doctoral studies in analytics and machine learning.

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Chief Technology Officer

Dr Julien Flack

With nearly 3 decades of experience, Dr. Flack brings a broad range of software engineering skills and technical leadership to Artrya. He is renowned as a strong communicator with a robust research background and author of several international papers and patents.

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Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Girish Dwivedi, MD

As Artrya’s Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Girish Dwivedi, MD is excited to be working within the MedTech industry to innovate and create solutions using advanced technology, such as AI, to improve health.

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Chief of People & Culture

Janice Marcon

Janice has extensive experience building and sustaining a high-performance culture within an organization. She is passionate about developing eclectic teams that work cohesively to achieve a company’s objectives.

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Head of Business Development

Riaz Kingston

Riaz has more than 20 years of medical imaging experience, having originally trained as a Radiographer, and brings extensive clinical, business development and sales skills to Artrya.

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Medical Advisor

Dr Abdul Rahman Ihdayhid

As a leader in coronary artery disease diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Ihdayhid uses his practical and academic knowledge to inform Artrya’s research and development, including testing and validating product accuracy and efficacy. He also assists with clinical education and awareness and is a key opinion leader on the benefits of early, non-invasive coronary artery disease diagnosis.

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