Clinical Advisory Board

Dr Jacque Sokolov

Jacque J. Sokolov, MD, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the SSB, a diversified US based, healthcare management, development and investment company. Its 4 strategic businesses include SSB Solutions, SSB Investment Funds, SSB Financial Services and SSB Governmental Services.

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Dr Jack Lewin

John C. (Jack) Lewin, MD, is a Principal of American Health NY, an international health services management and consulting company focused on improving health care in the Middle East and globally.

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Professor Girish Dwivedi, MD

As Artrya’s Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Girish Dwivedi, MD is excited to be working within the MedTech industry to innovate and create solutions using advanced technology, such as AI, to improve health.

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Dr Nicolas Chronos

Dr Nicholas Chronos is an Interventional Cardiologist known for ground-breaking research in heart disease treatment. Dr Chronos specializes in general cardiology, coronary artery disease management and heart failure management.

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Professor Benjamin Chow, MD

Professor Benjamin Chow, MD, is a Professor of Medicine (Cardiology and Nuclear Medicine) and Radiology at the University of Ottawa. Dr Chow is Clinical Cardiologist and Clinician Investigator at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. He is the Director of Cardiac Imaging (Stress lab, ECHO, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac PET, Cardiac CT, Cardiac MR and X-ray) and the Co-Director of Cardiac Radiology. He also leads the Ottawa region strategic research Innovation Cluster on Non-invasive Cardiovascular Imaging.

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Dr Michael Ridner

Dr Michael Ridner, MD, is a Cardiologist and Director of Cardiac CT Imaging at The Heart Center, Huntsville Hospital in Arizona.

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Dr Thomas Cheek

Dr Thomas Cheek is a board-certified internist and physician executive leader who has spent his career improving health outcomes and creating value for patients, delivery systems and insurance companies.

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Dr James C. Bonnette

An international strategic advisor, Dr James C. Bonette has worked in every area of US healthcare, including private practice health maintenance organizations, hospital chains and pharmaceuticals. He was responsible for the creation and development of the first global GPO between Ascension, Ramsay Health and Amazon in 2017.

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